This article is about a/an episode in Kamen Rider, the original series.
Monster Horseflygomes' Rokkoudai Mountain Pursuit
Kamen Rider, Episode 71
Kr 71
Air date August 5, 1972
Written by Masaru Igami
Directed by Masaki Tsukada
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Monster Electric-Guitarbotal's Fireball Attack
Vampiric Mosquilas vs. Two Riders

Monster Horseflygomes' Rokkoudai Mountain Pursuit (怪人アブゴメス六甲山大ついせき! Kaijin Abugomesu Rokkōsan DaiTsuiseki!?) is the seventy-first episode of the original Kamen Rider series.

It is the last episode to feature the theme Kamen Rider no Uta, which served as the series' ending theme since the first episode. It would be replaced by Rider Action as ending theme starting next episode.


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